XinjiangColorful Beach Xinjiang

Miracle of Nature, Beautiful landscape, Wildlife…

XinjiangKanas Lake North Xinjiang

Most green, most beuatiful place in West China

XinjiangMagnificent Taklamakan Desert

Hidden world, culture, History, full of secrets…

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Find our most interesting tours here, know about the ancient Silk Road history and diversity of cultures , enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the wild world.

Drive & Ride in China Overland Tours

Drive & Ride your own vehicle with us in China, You can enter and exit China via Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Nepal and Laos etc borders, we will offer you all the necessary border crossings, tour permits, custom works, Chinese driving license, number plate and guide services etc...

EXCELLENT PLACES TO GOWitness the History!

Xinjiang was one of the most popular areas for the Ancient Silk Road, had three routes of North, Middle and South of the Silk Road. Kashgar, Turpan and Kucha was the most important stops among others.

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Have a weekend, holiday and festival tours with us, you will feel very relaxing during our tour and enjoy the very different culture.


Flexible itinerary, Customized tours, Free choices, What we do is let you have your ideal trip while you are travelling with us!

A great visit, comfortable car, understand clients’ needs

We use West China Expeditions for our whole trip in Xinjiang.  In order to understand xinjiang better, Adilijan added xinjiang museum to the itinary so that we can have a better understanding of the area and ethic minorities in this region. We really appreciate Adiljan being accomodative abd added things to the itinary without charge like Red Hill in Urumqi, theatre near Urumuqi. This have really enhanced our overall experience of this visit.  One of the key success of this tour is that: he never chase us in our visit to places. He ensured we have enough time to visit places that we like and take pictures.  His knowledge in this area is great and his spoken English is fantastic.   I would highly recommend him for people who would like to visit west China.   Adilijan, I look forward to see you soon in our next travel to west China. Thank you for showing us the beautiful scenery that this places offer and history.


Service beyond expected

Booked a 10-day silk route tour with Adi, starting in Xi’an and ending in Xinjiang. Adi was really great and efficient at organising the trip. He brought us around in Turpan and Urumqi himself and went beyond expectations to cater to our every needs. He was honest and sincere in sharing with us his culture while making sure we were as comfortable as possible. His affiliates in the other cities that brought us around were amazing as well, and we felt really taken care of by them. Would definitely recommend his services.

Amal Luqman

One of the most important thing for any tour guide is the ability to engage and know their clients. As a frequent business and social traveler, I would like to be engaged and felt welcome in a foreign land. It was our last day after 10 days of road trip. It was a nice gesture and we appreciated it. I would recommend West China Expeditions to anyone travelling to China’s northwest and beyond. Do give this company your support as you have an insightful guide and someone whom you would feel comfortable to be with!


A Great Tour in Western China

Are you thinking of wending your way through the far west of China? If so, we can wholeheartedly endorse Adiljan as a knowledgeable, understanding and resourceful professional. We used his services for about 10 days and he showed us many fascinating and several wondrous sights. Adiljan quickly saw that we were fairly well informed travelers who eschewed air travel for the more immersive (and bumpy!) style of going by car. We were very inquisitive and impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge and remarkably clear explanations.


Come to our Bazaar, our markets, some of them still keeping it’s old way trading style, “sell left pocket to right pocket if there is no business”!副本-640x640.jpg副本-640x640.jpg副本-640x640.jpg副本-640x640.jpg副本-640x640.jpg

Urumqi tour

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