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Our Story

We are a travel company based in Urumqi Xinjiang, we have branch office in kashgar, partners in all silk road cities in China.

We have been operating and conducting tour groups big and small for a decade. We have a list of experienced local guides, drivers beyond your expectations. We show our clients Chinese part of the silk road with more inside details and colors. tours with us are not only to see and visit, but also participating, experiencing and better understanding.

Our Mission

We are offering Silk Road Tours for more than 10 years, we offer guaranteed and quality tours, we use local responsible tour guides, experienced drivers, clean and best service hotels.

Best travel services throughout all Western China, consider all clients as our most respective people, closest guests, no hidden price, no lies, work with heart! Our tours may not the cheapest ones, but for sure our services and quality are the best and most reliable, we deeply believe that although having benefit is the ultimate goal for most of the businessman, but we consider having satisfaction from our clients is the ultimate goal, because, in this way, we will have continuous business.


Flexible itinerary, Customized tours, Free choices, What we do is let you have your ideal trip while you are travelling with us!

A great visit!

We really appreciate Adiljan being accomodative abd added things to the itinary without charge,  This have really enhanced our overall experience of this visit. One of the key success of this tour is that: he never chase us in our visit to places.


Service beyond expected

Adi was really great and efficient at organizing the trip. He brought us around in Turpan and Urumqi himself and went beyond expectations to cater to our every needs. He was honest and sincere in sharing with us his culture while making sure we were as comfortable as possible.


Feel comfortable!

One of the most important thing for any tour guide is the ability to engage and know their clients. As a frequent business and social traveler, I would like to be engaged and felt welcome in a foreign land.


A Great Tour in Western China!

Are you thinking of wending your way through the far west of China? If so, we can wholeheartedly endorse Adiljan as a knowledgeable, understanding and resourceful professional. We used his services for about 10 days and he showed us many fascinating and several wondrous sights.


Come and visit our agency or simply send us an email anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our travellers.

If you have decided to travel around Xinjiang or Western China or just having a plan of traveling the region, please contact us via email, we guarantee to reply you within 24 hours, whether it is about your trip or it is just about some information you wanted to be consulted, we offer free and useful guidance.

You can choose one of our tours or can tell us about your travel info, we will customize your trip as per your interest!
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