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This is the most awesome tour among the China overland Self-Driving/Motorcycle Tours, covers very exotic places, like Tianshan Mountains, Kashgar, Karakorum mountains and mountain passes over 5000m above sea level. On the road, you will see very beautiful Landscapes, Oasis Cities, Villages and snow-capped mountains. In Tibet we visit and enjoy Everest Base Camp, world famous Monasteries, Lhasa city and mysterious cultures. You can enter China from Kyrgyzstan through Torugart pass or Irkeshtam pass. we will do the Chinese License and Number plate process in Kashgar, then travel to Tibet along the Road G219. We will travel in Tibet about two weeks, then we travel to Kunming of Yunnan province and Exit to Laos via Mohan Pass. This is very flexible tour, you can also travel opposite direction along the same destinations, you can enter China from Laos via Mohan Pass and Exit from China to Kyrgyzstan via Torugart or Irkeshtam pass.


North Xinjiang considers as the north of Tianshan mountains, mostly nature tours. We add the Urumqi and Turpan section in the tour, so that it includes cultural, historical and natural sites, which make your tour more meaningful and colorful.


Please contact us if you want to cross China from Nepal and exit to Kyrgyzstan, we can do this tour in 12 days, we will visit world highest peak Everest, drive & ride along the Karakorum mountains, through the high mountain passes, visit ancient Kashgar then drive to central Asia via Kyrgyzstan.


Kashgar has many interesting places, you can see places very cultural, historical, as well as beautiful natural landscapes, deserts, grasslands, Local markets etc. Here we prepared for you 3 days Kashgar tour which including above featured places.


The Taklamakan Desert covers an area of 337,000 km2, makes it the second largest shifting sand desert in the world, Taklamakan means,”a world insight” in Uyghur language. The desert surrounded by Karakorum mountains in the South, Tianshan mountains in the North, Pamir mountains in the west, these mountains are also the place where the water comes to oasis land in Xinjiang.


Our tour starts from Kyrgyzstan China border, you can choose either Torugart or Irkeshtam pass to Cross China from Kyrgyzstan, then you will drive/ride your own vehicle to China, we will do Chinese driving license process in Kashgar, then start our overland tour all the way to Lhasa, we will drive/ride along the G219 Road through Karakorum mountains, go through high altitude mountain passes over 5000m above sea level, you will visit Famous Everest Base Camp, then exit in to Nepal.


The Silk Road is the main part of our history, it was played very important role for communicating between different civilizations, spreading the culture, products and technics all around the world, we can never forget the contributions of the Silk Road to our world.


Silk Road Tour from Dunhuang to Kashgar

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