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If you have limited time, and want to see the most important parts of Silk Road in Xinjiang, we recommend you our 7 days itinerary, it contains the best parts of Kashgart, Turpan and Urumqi.


To see better of Silk Road corners in Xinjiang, you required to have 12 days, here we have made you a wonderful itinerary of including all the necessary spots of the ancient Xinjiang.


Kashgar has many interesting places, you can see places very cultural, historical, as well as beautiful natural landscapes, deserts, grasslands, Local markets etc. Here we prepared for you 3 days Kashgar tour which including above featured places.


The Taklamakan Desert covers an area of 337,000 km2, makes it the second largest shifting sand desert in the world, Taklamakan means,”a world insight” in Uyghur language. The desert surrounded by Karakorum mountains in the South, Tianshan mountains in the North, Pamir mountains in the west, these mountains are also the place where the water comes to oasis land in Xinjiang.


Kashgar is the most historical city in the west China, the two routes of the Silk Road were joined in Kashgar, Caravans stopped here to exchange goods, buying and selling, this endows this city having the rich diversity of cultures and history behind it.


This itinerary includes most historical, Cultural and famous sites along the ancient Silk Road. Especially in Turpan, there is a lot to visit as we see how the Karez irrigation water system works, visit ancient ruins, and then experience the culture through a home-stay in an Uighur home.


The Silk Road is the main part of our history, it was played very important role for communicating between different civilizations, spreading the culture, products and technics all around the world, we can never forget the contributions of the Silk Road to our world.


Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

$940 per person
9 Days
4 Person
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