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Bext Xinjiang Silk Road Tour Welcome to Silk Road Xinjiang

The tour starts from Urumqi, mainly have two parts. First Urumqi and Turpan section, it takes four days. After that fly to Kashgar, another four days program around Kashgar.
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What's included

Departure Location
Hotel in Urumqi
Return Location
Airport in Kashgar
Price includes
  • Accommodation-4 star Hotel
  • Entrance tickets to monuments and tour spots
  • LOI for Chinese Visa
  • Professional English speaking tour guide
  • Transportation with air-conditioned car/bus
  • Unlimited bottled water
Price does not include
  • All flight tickets
  • Excursions other than those specified in trips
  • Hotel in Urumqi
  • Personal expenses
  • Day1 Urumqi tour
  • Day2 Heavenly lake Tour from Urumqi
  • Day3 Travel to Turpan from Urumqi
  • Day4 After visiting the Tuyuk old village, drive back to Urumqi, then fly to Kashgar (two hours flight).
  • Day5 Kashgar city tour.
  • Day6 Tour around kashgar, travel to Shipton’s Arch
  • Day7 Kashgar to Tashkorgan, 300km.
  • Day8 Kashgar-Tashkorgan
  • Day9 leave Kashgar
Day1 Urumqi tour

Xinjiang museum, Red Hill (Hongshan), Grand Bazaar

Left from hotel at 10 am to the Xinjiang museum, there we are going to visit three sections, Ethnic cultural rooms, Mummy gallery and history of western regions. It takes about an hour.

After museum, visit the Red Hill (Hongshan) a public park of Urumqi. Red hill located at the middle of the city, where people exercises and enjoy the broad view of Urumqi. When you reach the the top of the hill, there is a broad platform where you can see the modern view of the city and snow peaks of Tianshan mountains. There is a Red pagoda at west corner of the hill, which is the a symbol of Urumqi.

After having lunch at the local restaurant, visit the Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is located at the south part of the city, a market for both locals and tourists. You can find all the local special products, handcrafts and musical instruments there.

Day2 Heavenly lake Tour from Urumqi

Heavenly lake

Heavenly lake is about 110 km away from Urumqi, located on the top of Tianshan mountain. The surface of the lake is 1910 meters above sea level, just one kilometer higher than Urumqi. It takes about 2-3 hours drive to reach to the lake since we have to take the shuttle bus for the last 30 km of the trip. You can have a hiking around the lake for hours, blue sky, natural forests and grassland view will relax your mind.

Day3 Travel to Turpan from Urumqi

Emin minaret, Kariz, Jiaohe Ruins

Turpan is 200 km away from Urumqi, it takes about 3.5 hours drive including two toilet stops and cross a mountain. The drive is all the way down since Turpan is the lowest basin in China.

After lunch, we will visit Emin minaret. It is an mosque and tower, which was originally built by the king of Turpan at 1776 AD.


After the minaret, we will visit the Kariz. It is the name of ancient underground irrigation system, which was invented about 2000 years ago. Through visiting the site, we will get to know the geographical features and water supply system of Turpan.

 At last we will visit the Jiaohe Ruins, which is a UNESCO site left from the 14th century. Jiaohe ancient city is located at the edge of Oasis, best preserved soil structured ancient city. The sunset view of the abundant city is best with the light and mountains in distance.

Day4 After visiting the Tuyuk old village, drive back to Urumqi, then fly to Kashgar (two hours flight).

Flaming mountain, Bezeklik Buddha caves, Tuyuk old village

In the morning, we will drive further to the westward to visit the famous Flaming mountain. Both of Bezeklik Buddha caves and Tuyuk old village is in the valleys of this mountain.

First we will visit the Bezeklik Buddha caves, which is the highlight of Uighur Buddhism 9-12 centuries. Buddhism was the main religion in western region, widely practiced and flourished in Turpan area.

Tuyuk old village is in another valley of Flaming mountain, where you can see the traditional Uighur architecture and traditional lifestyle of local people.

We will have a lunch at a local house, get to know the the food and fruits of Uighurs.

After visiting the Tuyuk old village, we will drive back to Urumqi to fly Kashgar.

Day5 Kashgar city tour.

Id Kah mosque, Appak Hoja Tomb, old town of Kashgar, Grand Bazaar

After breakfast, we will visit the Id Kah mosque, biggest one in Xinjiang. There is a handcraft street around the mosque to visit. Then visit Appak Hoja Tomb, a very special royal family Tomb which was built 17th century, a unique combination of Uighur traditional architecture. After lunch, we will visit the old town of Kashgar. The old town might be high light of your tour. It is not only about construction, but also the people living in the town, their daily life fascinates you.

Day6 Tour around kashgar, travel to Shipton’s Arch

livestock market, Shipton’s Arch

In the morning, we visit Kashgar livestock market, it is a very local, trading market for live animals, View of hundreds of sheep, cattle, horse and camels and people at the market reminds you the layout markets of mid centuries. In the afternoon,we will drive to the Shipton’s Arch, a mountain site about 70 km away from Kashgar, maybe the highest natural arch in the world. On the way, you we will pass through very dry landscape and some oasis, main feature of southern Xinjiang.

Day7 Kashgar to Tashkorgan, 300km.

local Villages, white sand mountain, Karakul Lake, Muztag-Ata

It is about 7 hours drive to Tashkorgan through famous Karakorum high way. On the way, we can stop at the local Villages, mountain valley, white sand mountain, and visit Karakul Lake, it is an alpine lake surrounded by high mountain peaks, including the famous Muztag-Ata (father of ice mountain).

Day8 Kashgar-Tashkorgan

Golden grassland, Stone Castle

In the morning, we visit Golden grassland, it is the largest and very beautiful grassland around Kashgar, located between two mountains, local Tajik nomads keep their animals and Yurts on the grassland during the summer. After spending a few hours on the grassland, we will visit the ruins of Stone Castle, which was a military stronghold built about 2000 years ago, then drive back to Kashgar.

Day9 leave Kashgar

After breakfast, our guide will take you to Kashgar airport.



More about Xinjiang

Xinjiang is located in the middle of Asia, a vital gateway of the Silk Road, which connect China with the Southern Asia, Western Asia as well as Europe. In the past 2000 years, through the international trading passage – The Silk Road, the products and techniques from China, such as Silk fabric, powder, medical materials, paper making and compass etc., spread into the western world. At the same time, glass, Medical materials, wool fabrics, vegetables, melon and fruits, as well as the three world big religions came to China from the West and Central Asia.v

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Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

$940 per person
9 Days
4 Person
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